Elizabeth Arnold

Elizabeth is a Social Work student at the University of Kentucky working towards a Master’s in Social Work. Elizabeth works part-time at the Veteran’s Village and is excited to be working with our veteran population.  

Elizabeth was born in Italy to two US Navy veterans and lived her whole life in Europe until marrying her US Air Force husband (Chris) and moving to the states for the first time. Elizabeth and Chris have 5 children, 2 of whom still live at home. 

Outside of work, school, and family time Elizabeth enjoys serving her community. She is active in her church, a mentorship program for women in rehabilitation, and volunteering wherever she can. 

Elizabeth's Mission

Elizabeth and Chris are Foster Parents through the state of Kentucky and have had 19 children come through their home in 4 years. Through being a Foster Parent, Elizabeth became passionate about therapy and the life changing role it can play. Elizabeth’s aim is to work with foster youth in a mental health setting.  She has witnessed the difference one person can make and is excited to start changing the lives of our Veterans.


To walk along with veterans and youth and to be a guiding force. To help make changes that inspire others.