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Raise the Roof

A safe, virtual, space for parents who are seeking external support for internal stressors.

Class Information

WEEK ONE We will identify specific stressors that we are facing at this point of our parenting journey and explore a thought structure to help us in identifying feelings and thoughts. WEEK TWO We will address stressors from week one with specific solution focused tools that can be taken home and implemented. WEEK THREE We will focus on identifying feelings that arise during our parenting journey, how to name them, what to do with those feelings, triggers and how to cope. WEEK FOUR We will address thoughts that are arising during parenting, how to combat negative patterns, and explore cognitive distortions. WEEK FIVE We will focus on how we will move forward with what we know now, identify roadblocks and ways to overcome them, and boundary setting.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

CLASS POLICY This is a timed interactive course. All sessions must be used within the designated time frames. No refunds for sessions unused. If an emergency arises you will be allowed to make the class up in the next presentation. Payment plans are available but payments must be completed no later than one week before the start of the course. To create a payment plan, please call Melissa at 502.444.5433 ext. 300 If you are using a discounted first responder, active military personnel, or veteran discount you will need to email proof of employment to . Proof can be in the form of an employee badge, most recent pay stub, or discharge paperwork. If proof is not submitted the price will revert back to the full price and must be paid before starting the class.

Contact Details

+1+null 5024445433

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