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Veteran's Club

Doing Life Together ™

All of Veteran's Club's programs are designed to provide connection and support to Current Military Service Members, Veterans, First Responders and their family members.  Keeping the Service Members connected to the community directly impacts their family in a positive way.  

Our services span a broad range from providing case management to the service members needing extra support to providing connection though the shared experiences with social gatherings and camaraderie.

Life In Motion has joined with Veteran's Club to provide counseling and case management services to those service members needing extra support in putting their lives back together.

Life In Motion and Veteran's Club's passion is to see each individual succeed in their life and to build healthy families. 

We help the members by supporting the individual and their family in making goals and then help you achieve those goals.


Life In Motion's case management can assist veterans with

1) Assessments of client's needs

2) Treatment planning

3) Advocacy

4) Building the indiviual's support system

5) Job location 

6) Assistance building resume

7) Housing location resources

8) Budgeting education

9) Recovery resources 

10) Medical needs advocacy

11) Mental health needs

12) Navigating and utilizing social service programs

13) Continual monitoring and evaluation of the client's treatment plan 

14) Social support through groups

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