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Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones

Michelle is currently a graduate student at Campbellsville University where she is studying to be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


She is a life-long learner that uses her diverse educational background to find the best support and tools for the clients she works with each day.. She has also taken graduate courses towards an additional Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University, an Edgar Caycee Institute.


Michelle currently works at ATA College where she teaches general education to those pursing entry level careers in the medical field along with nursing students. Her favorite course to teach at the college is Success Skills. She feels honored to walk first time college students through a personal development curriculum that involves building ones’ resiliency and inner tool box to face challenges and life adversities.


Michelle is passionate about helping to create a world in which more self-care and attention to mental health is a major priority and not just a luxury. She believes true health involves a balance of mind, body, spirit, and heart.


When she’s not in a client session, or teaching classes at school, you might find her leading retreats or workshops where she shares her love of breath work, reiki, and spirituality.


Michelle leads with the heart and truly feels she was put on this planet to walk alongside others. She knows what it is like to struggle with mental health and life stresses, and knows the power of therapy and coaching first hand. She hopes to be able to share the shine with anyone that God sends her way

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