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What We Value

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value"

Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Client Centered

Hair in Wind

Life In Motion's Mission is to assist every client in living a balanced and healthy life by including the mind, body and Spirit connection.

Our Vision

Joy  Centered

Reaching Out to the Sun

Our Vision is to be the Region's Premier leader in the field of Holistic therapy. Life In Motion does this by focusing on the client's total needs which includes mental, physical and spiritual health. Our organization will strive to assist every client in finding a balance in life that will bring about true joy.

Our Values

God Centered

Woman in front of shadow of cross

Life In Motion is a Christ centered company that honors each person's unique life and journey.
We do this by
1)  Keeping Christ first in all that we do
2)  Value each client and meet them where they are at in their journey

3)  We respect each client's individual belief system

Our Ethical Standards

Our Commitment To You

Life In Motion is committed to aspiring to the highest ethical stands as possible

All therapists with Life In Motion are members of the

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

The core values of AAMFT embody:


  1. Acceptance, appreciation, and inclusion of a diverse membership.

  2. Distinctiveness and excellence in training of marriage and family therapists and those desiring to advance their skills, knowledge and expertise in systemic and relational therapies.

  3. Responsiveness and excellence in service to members.

  4. Diversity, equity and excellence in clinical practice, research, education and administration.

  5. Integrity evidenced by a high threshold of ethical and honest behavior within Association governance and by members.

  6. Innovation and the advancement of knowledge of systemic and relational therapies.

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