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Life In Motion Updates

Board updated on 4.27.2023


Payment is due at the time of service and in full unless a payment arrangement has been made. If you need to make a payment arrangement, please call or email Melissa. You cannot continue with sessions until your balance is brought current.

In order to see the psychiatric mental health psychiatric nurse practitioner (PMHNP), a referral must be turned in by your therapist. We will contact you within 48 hours to complete the process.

Please test your connectivity 10 minutes before your virtual session. To have a quality call please

1) Use Google Chrome or Safari

2) If your WIFI is not strong use data network instead

3) Test your camera, microphone, and audio 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled session

4) Please, no driving. 

5) Dedicate time, space, and solitude for your sessions. Please treat your session online as you would in in office 

HIPAA/Privacty Policy
Release of Informatio (ROI)
Limits to Confidentiality

Thank you for trusting Life In Motion with your mental healthcare needs. We are truly honored that we are a part of your journey!

If you need to report any issues, please call or email our Client Services team.

Please Choose Your Therapist