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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

A.R.T is similar to EMDR but also combines Psychodynamic therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

A.R.T  focuses on the brain's ability to replace old negative information with new  positive information. It quickly allows the brain to process past habits, fears, phobias, and traumas and move forward.


A.R.T​ is not hypnosis as you are conscious and awake the entire time and have complete control of the situation.


A.R.T uses bilateral stimulation, i.e., eye movements, alternative tapping, etc. as the catalyst to effectively reprocess past experiences with new and healthy beliefs. 

A.R.T is highly effective in treating PTSD, phobias, trauma, OCD, Substance Use Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders and Anxiety.

​Here are the Pros, Cons and Risks of A.R.T 

  • It is brief with positive results in as few as five sessions or less

  • A.R.T does not require clients to give details of the trauma which helps the brain process so it is easier on clients that do not want to talk about the trauma

  • A.R.T will not interfere with medication or other talk therapies

  • Makes deeper processing of traumatic memories possible by making them less threatening to the client

  • It only works with conditions related to traumatic experiences. If you have a mental health condition because of an inherited condition, an injury or other physical effect on your brain, A.R.T is unlikely to help.

  • A.R.T is newer than other treatments so research is still being conducted.

The current research around ART therapy suggests that it is well tolerated, with few side effects. That said, side effects are possible for ART, as with other therapies.

For example, one randomized controlled study from 2013 on combat-related PTSD found that ART side effects might include nightmares and heightened anxiety.

However, it is a newer therapy and the research about its benefits and side effects is limited. This means that researchers don’t yet know the true side effects.

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