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Medication Management

Doctor and Patient

Life In Motion Now Offers Medication Management!

Life In Motion believes that in order to treat the person, we must treat the entire person to include the mind, body, spirit, and emotional self.

Medication can be used as a tool to help you move along in the therapeutic process and to help you move through disorders such as depression, grief, and anxiety. but is not the only option.

Michelle will meet with you for a complete evaluation to see what your specific needs are and treat you using the best treatment for you which may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes, nutritional support, supplemental support, and medication

If medication is the answer for your specific needs, she can order genesight genetic testing to see what medications your body processes effectively and what medications to avoid.

Michelle can also run blood panels to see what your body is depleted of and work to replace those nutrients.


The evaluation is 60 minutes and follow up sessions last 20-30 minutes.


It's time to feel better! 

Call us now!

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