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"Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life Don't make it wait any longer"

~ Dr. Steve Maraboli~

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What Our Patients Say About Us

Chase is helping me so much.  He is unreal as a therapist.  I just love y’all!!!

M.H.H 10.24.2023

The nurse practioner is fabulous. OMG I love her so much. She is a boss. I got off of the call with a lot of hope. I love her spiritual, physical and emotional connection. A triangle with you [Melissa the therapist], her and myself we are a team. I love the wellness coaching approach you have. Thank you! T.Z 2.7.2024

Jordan is absolutely amazing and has helped me tremendously.

Ester has truly been AMAZING! She continues to challenge me, and I appreciate her for doing that! Ester has helped me come out of my comfort zone along with seeing me put in the work every time we meet. Truly a BLESSING! L.P. 06/04/2024

So I have had Sonata for my mental health provider and she has served as a part therapist for me as well and praise the Lord for her heart, her zeal, her passion to serve and help others. I was a complete wreck when I came into life in motion. I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I had been sober for 3 years and my mental health was still in a fog. Thanks to Sonata heart, her genuine care for Gods children she has helped me in more ways than it can be known. She goes above and beyond and really believes in what she is doing! B.H 05/30/2024

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